Searching secret stories - walking secret paths

I create secret walks through cities and landscapes and find the hidden and forgotten spots.
Cities, landscapes, buildings. Backyards, paths and staircases. Everything we know so well - everything which appears so simple - can carry certain experiences. I call my on-going project: Walking secret paths - searching secret stories.

Since summer 2011 I have been exploring Refshaleøen - close to Copenhagen but far away from everything we know. Contact me if you would like a secret walk in the area, +45 23960777.

Some walks

Summer walks in the parks,

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - The Grand Guided Tour Around The Island - April & May 2014

Philosofical Sunday walk - Køge,

Secret Walks, Refshaleøen & Enghave Brygge,, 1-3. August

Den hemmelige tur på heden//The secret walk in the Moor, Herning Museum, Spring 2013

Wondercool, Copenhagen. Secret Saturday Walks, Refshaleøen & Nordvest

In August 2010 I was exploring a Spanish village, building and guiding secret routes
round the city. My work: Las Vueltas secretas de Fornells was part of
Art Al Nord - an art festival on the Balearic island Menorca.

Listen to a radio program with me guiding to secret places in Nørrebro





Nordvest - Copenhagen - Winter 2013  

My town - Nordvest - 2013  

Nørrebro Station 2013   

Nørrebro - almost Nordvest  

Hut - Jutland  

Jagtvej 69